Supporting innovation and transformation in community services

Community focused, live and dynamic planning tools are required to allow services to continuously optimise and transform

Even before Covid-19, the NHS & independent community care organisations have been exposed to increasing levels of accountability, transparency & financial constraint.

This demands an approach targeting efficiency, harmonisation, reorganisation & transformation across the organisation. We believe these developments should be systematic and intelligence lead.

Benson is a demand and capacity planning model providing a configurable evidence-based process to drive service improvement and change across community services across short and long term timeframes …

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Analysis & Insight

Benson is an evidence-based methodology, underpinned by a local data, validation, benchmarking to provide insight into current inefficiencies, risks & opportunities ...

Resource Optimisation

Objective and dynamic allocation of organisational resources aligned with future demand and caseload complexity

Service change & transformation

How must the organisation change and adapt? We develop change scenarios reflecting the internal response to meet future challenges

Bid & Commissioning Support

Benson is used by providers and commissioners to support bid development, and communication of performance and strategy by incumbent providers


I use Benson to work with our staff and commissioners to demonstrate what the service can achieve and the underpinning assumptions. I have recently worked with Benson Wintere to develop the model aligned to a newly commissioned service. Benchmarking data enables me to sense check our assumptions.

image Kay Gilmour

Director of Children’s Services, Hertfordshire Community Healthcare Trust

The Benson Model was developed with local data and intelligence to provide the current managers with the information they need to manage more effectively. This included identifying and managing risks, identifying recruitment needs, business continuity planning, potential cost savings and ultimately and most importantly to improve outcomes for our children.

image Jane Banks

Liverpool Community Health

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